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SK Scholarship Awards

Doug Borko, NZ2W, President, Lenny Sechrist, WS8O, Vice-President

Wally Melching, K4DTR, Secretary

Gaetano (Tim) Fida, WB0YSX Treasurer

David Cox, KF4WOJ, Director Catherine Stillwell, KM4YBW, Director

David Sweeney, KD4DS, Director

David Haney, W3SJ, Registered Agent Tom Kellers, KK4CUC, Ex Officio/Assistant Treasurer




P.O. Box 6083

Spring Hill, FL 34611

Dear Austin, Congratulation on being chosen the 2019 recipient of the Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club's Silent Key (SK) Scholarship.

Why do we call this the "SK Scholarship?" As you may or may not know, the first wireless communication was via amateur radio. Back in those early days, Morse Code (telegraphy) was the only existing mode. At the end of an operator message(s), he would transmit the letters SK (blended together to from a single character), meaning "end of work" or "end of communication." In time, whenever a Morse Code operator passed away, he would be referred to as an "SK", or "Silent Key" a telegrapher who has passed on, his work ended. We present this scholarship every year in memory of our SK (departed) members.

This year we received a total of eight applicants, all extremely qualified, and choosing just one was no easy task. So please take pride in knowing that we chose you.

The members of the Spring Hill Amateur Radio Club wish you nothing but success, and we hope this modest award is a small helping hand in assisting you in accomplishing your dreams and goals.

"73" is how an amateur radio operator (ham) expresses "Best Wishes"/" Best Regards" at the end of a QSO (radio conversation). So, all of us say to you and to your very bright future....


David Haney W3SJ SK Scholarship Chairman

On May 22nd, 2019, Dave Haney (W3SJ) presented Austin Worline with the SHARC SK Scholarship award check in the amount of $1,000.00 at the Awards ceremony in Nature Coast Technical High school.
On May 23rd, 2018, Lenny Sechrist (WS8O) and Tim Fida (WB0YSX) presented Sawyer Roberson with the SHARC SK Scholarship award check in the amount of $1,000.00 at the Awards ceremony in Nature Coast Technical Highschool.
On April 26, Dave Haney,  W3SJ, presented Michael Sagliocca the SHARC SK Scholarship during the annual Awards Ceremony at Nature Coast Technical High School.
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